The Liyon Orange Pekoe is our fine grade Ceylon black tea that is light golden in colour with a delicate and gentle flavour. Utilizing traditional tea processing techniques used by exoert Ceylon tea makers for over a century, we produce the best tasting Orange pekoe black tea from less wiry but well twisted larger tea leaves. Hand-picked from the finest tea estates in central Sri Lanka grown under specific seasonal weather conditions. the Liyon Orange Pekoe is a favourite among tea lovers who opt for soft-textured brew with a refined, lingering flavour.


The Liyon Orange Pekoe 1 (OP1) is a slightly delicate variety of our fine graded Orange Pekoe tea range. It is produced of long, slightly wiry and twisted leaves and buds.which when infused results in a cold coppery hue,imparting a delicately malty,pleasantly lighter flavour. Bright and golden when brewed. the Liyon Op1 comes from select tea estates of the central Sri Lankan region , and is made under superior conditions and extreme care by expert tea makers at our Falcon Tea Factory,ensuring consistent high quality in aroma and flavour.


The Liyon Silver Tips tea range brings to you carefully handpicked. single-origin.Unopened buds from the central Sri Lankan region, processed with the utmost care under superior condiitons at Our falcon tea factory. Dried and withered in sunlight. the high quality. velvety Liyon Silver Tips range is prepared 100% orgonically in smaller quantities and is therefore highly sought after far its antioxidant properties and low levels of caffeine. when brewed. it produces a pale golden hue and important very delicate. subtle yet exquisite flavour that highly relaxing and soothing.


A highly sought after grade of pure ceylon black tea, the Liyon Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe 1 (FBOP1) is made of tealeaves grown at the highest elevations, and is produced with a mix of flowery black leaves and silvery tips that infuses a deliciously rich flavour. The leaves are much smaller compared to other Liyon Orange Pekoe varieties, and therefore brews faster,imparting a smooth, full-bodied flavour. Produced at the Falcon Tea Factory under superior conditions with extreme care by our own tea experts,the resulting liquor is bright orange in color woth depth of flavour..


Rich in healthy antioxidants, Liyon Green Tea is made from tender handpicked tea buds and leaves from the most pristine tea estates located in the central higher elevations of Sri Lanka. The beverage of choice for a health conscious tea lover, Liyon Tea Sommeliers produce this exclusive green tea range under superior conditions at our falcon tea factory. with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality,healthiest blend of tea. The deep green tealeaves when infused impart an exquisitely gentle yet full-bodied earthly flavour mixed with refreshing herbal notes.


Meticulously selected by our own expert Liyon Tea Sommeliers from the finest Ceylon Tea plantations,the Liyon Pekoe brew is a bright orange liquor with a smooth,distinctive flavour.The shorter,curlier tealeaves are handpicked from leading tea estates located in higher elevations of central Sri Lanka, producing an evenly rolled, bold, full-bodied tea blend of consistent high quality and freshness. We have mastered the art of Ceylon tea making that Sri Lanka was as been famed for over 150 years,processing the Liyon Pekoe at our falcon tea factory under superior conditions with extreme care.


The Liyon Orange Pekoe A (OPA) is a bolder variety of our fine graded Orange Pekoe tea range. A low evevation tea category, this OPA tea is freshly processed under superior conditions at the falcon Tea Factory by our very own tea masters,guaranteeing a dust fre, higher quality product. The bold,longer and larger tealeaf ranges from tightly wound to almost open, and imparts a rich,almost woody aroma when brewed. The liquor is light golden in color, with a delicate, characterful flavour that is synonymous with lighter,traditional Ceylon black teas.

Earl Gray Black Tea

Make every morning worth waking up to, by brewing a perfect cup of our Earl Gray Tea. It will leave a lasting, revitalizing essence within you throughout the day.

Black Tea

Our black tea is full-bodied, robust, rich and blended well to taste great with or without milk and sugar.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Our English Breakfast Tea has an energizing and stimulating taste and has been blended to compliment the traditional, hearty English breakfast.

Ginger sensation

Garden fresh tea with ginger is a warm combination hat keeps your energy in tact all day. This drink has a rich Colour & flavour. In the east, ginger tea is famed for its great sensation.

Green Tea

Sweet, and the queen of aromas, this tea is delicate, light and very pleasing to the senses, giving you a feel of floral heaven.

Jasmine Black Tea

A highly satisfying and scented tea, our Jasmine Black tea is flavourful and refreshing to the mind, body and spirit, for any time of the day!

Lemon Black Tea

Taste it and feel it. This sweet, tangy, perfectly blended Lemon Tea will have you invigorated and merry with every sip you take!

Lime Black Tea

The sweet, fruity, acidity of lime is blended well with fine black tea, to conjure a cup of tea that had a deep flavourful quality.

Mango Black Tea

This Mango Tea will make you wanna tango! It has a rich and fragrant flare, which will add liveliness every time you taste it’s wonderful flavour.

Mint Black Tea

This is like the icing on top! Our Mint Black Tea is the best start for any day. It has an irresistible scent and taste that will leave a tingling freshness within you.

Peach Black Tea

Experience the unique flavour in our Peach Tea, with its great taste and soothing aroma that will uplift your moody mornings, or any other time of day…

Strawberry Black Tea

Let yourself go while brewing up this fragrant, smooth and fresh cup of tea, with the distinctive smell of fresh sun – ripened strawberries.

Cardamom Black Tea

This unique blend brings out the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and warm flavours. It adds the perfect zing to brighten up any mood, with its incredible freshness.

Cinnamon Black Tea

Aromatic and soundly blended, this cinnamon tea is highly fragrant and has an exceptionally rich taste. This is something you wouldn’t want to miss tasting!