The British, who ruled Sri Lanka for 150 years, recognized the island’s potential for growing tea as far back as 1867. Since then Sri Lanka’s unique climatic conditions, the fertile soil of its hilly terrain, as well as the high degree of specialization achieved by British planters over the years, have resulted in the name “ Ceylon Tea ’’being synonymous with the finest quality, world over.


The expertise and the traditions of the British planters have been carefully preserved by Sri Lankan industry pioneers, who honored their skills in tea plantation during the colonial era. Falcon Tea Factory founded in 1995 has always been known for it’s high quality and fair prices. Now it’s earning a great reputation for its custom blends and wide range of teas. At Factory have flexible order quantition. Customer can order even as little as an ounce much as they like.


The unique feature of our teas is the fact that the fresh leaves, once plucked, are transported immediately in specially designed trucks to our factories. Thus their freshness is preserved. Through our inhouse brand Arimbu, customers can order factory fresh tea, directly to their doorsteps, without any delays at auctions & warehouses.


Our factory produces “Low grown” teas where the unique characteristics are the darkness of the leaf and the strength of the brew. This is due to the distinctive nature of the soil and groundwater in this region, as well as the plantation and the technical inputs of our experienced planters, using state-of-the-art machinery, under hygienic conditions. At the final stage, specialist tea tasters, who count many decades of experience in this field, carry out blending. The result is a distinctive taste, bouquet, and aroma, unlike any other. We currently export our teas in Tea bags, pouches & bulk form to the Middle East, Europe, Russia


We place the utmost premium on quality from the moment the leaves are plucked, till they each their final destination. In this regard, we have obtained ISO 22000, Ethical Tea Partnership and have been awarded the One Star in the Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate Quality Management System. With all these guide lines in our processes, we want to streamline operations, improving quality, enhancing productivity and providing our staff with a better working environment.



He is the Chairman at Falcon Tea to date, and is the mastermind behind the glory. An engineer by profession, his sheer skill, expertise and passion for perfection has resulted in Falcon Tea earning a great reputation for high quality custom blends and wide variety.


Managing Director/CEO

Falcon Tea is under the excellent surveillance of its Managing Partner and CEO, Indi,who’s motto is ‘to work with a purpose and work at your best: the rest will fall into perfect place.’ His supervision and guidance has resulted in employing modern tea practices to improve the quality of the tea produced.