Cooperate Social Responsibility

Company overview

Established in the year 1995, Falcon Tea Factory has always strived through the years to ensure the production of high quality orthodox black tea using best practices.

As one of the pioneer manufacturers of low grown tea in Sri Lanka, Falcon Tea Factory guarantees that all their tea is handpicked to retain the perfection of tea leaves and they are transported to the manufacturing facility using methods that will retain the goodness of the raw leaf before it gets processed.

Throughout our successful 27 years in the tea industry, we have received many accolades and awards that speak of the productivity and quality of our products. We have also registered with ethical bodies such has Ethical Tea Partnership, and ISO22000 in order to maintain all standards that are relevant to our industry.

Apart from bulk producing and importing black tea, we also carry our own internal retail brand ARIMBU, available for pre-order purchasing in an array of flavors.

Our Ethical Policies

This is an integral part of Falcon Tea Factory, and we have taken many steps to ensure that our stakeholders are looked after.

Serving and protecting our Employees

At Falcon Tea Factory we consider our employees as the fuel that drives the process. Therefore we have established a comprehensive plan to ensure their health and safety and contribute to their livelihoods.

Fair wages

All our employees are provided with fair wages and they are duly appraised for it. We acknowledge their participation and involvement with the factory and they get recognized for their performance and attendance.

Constructing Homes

Falcon Tea Factory has engaged in reconstructing and building homes for their less privileged employees. Each year, we visit the homes of a select number of employees, and identify which homes need renovating/rebuilding. We inquire their home requirements and construct the houses with all necessary facilities.

Annual employee motivational programs, training programs and career development

We always encourage and support our employees to reach their best potential by organizing annual motivational programs conducted by professional visionaries. They also receive and are encouraged to attend industry specific training programs in order to stay abreast with innovation and new ideas. We are also keen to provide our employees with necessary flexibilities to support their individual career developments.

Women Empowerment

Our workforce consists primarily of women from the local community. Most families in rural villages of our locality have alcoholic fathers, leaving the mothers to be the breadwinner. However these women have found it difficult to secure employment due to lack of educational facilities and opportunities. Hence we have taken steps to employ these women in the direct factory floors, and to date over 95% of our factory floor employees are women.

We have provided similar opportunities to our office staff, with a 50-50 balance of men and women employed at office level.

Utilization of Older employees

At Falcon Tea Factory, we give opportunities for older employees to join the factory workforce and to continue working until their retirement at 65 years.

Health management at work

We conduct voluntary physical examinations of employees to safeguard their health and also consultations with an ophthalmologist, after which we fund employee cataract operations and eyewear whenever necessary.

Healthcare for employees’ families, and providing a free meal daily

We identify employees who have financial struggles for major health conditions of family members, and provide the necessary funds for consultations and surgeries when necessary. All our employees at Falcon Tea Factory are entitled to a meal at no cost, daily.

Factory Welfare Shop

We have been maintaining a welfare shop at the factory premises for the convenience of our employees.  This allows them to purchase all their essential necessities (grocery items and staples) at a concessionary rate, conveniently. They get to purchase their requirements on a monthly credit basis. This has been of great benefit to them especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, when food shortages and travel restrictions were imposed.

Providing School supplies annually to children of employees

Falcon Tea Factory provides all employees with school children their full book list items and school stationary items for the entire school year. This is done on the 1st of January every year, before the new school term begins.

Counteracting the COVID 19 Crisis

During the pandemic, our company took all necessary measures to ensure that our employees and their families were safe. We educated them on safety measures in addition to providing all the sanitization facilities at the work premises to keep any contamination/virus spread. Apart from mobile washbasins and a sanitization booth, we set up a self-service ‘steam inhaler’ that allowed employees to use the facility before and after working hours.  

We also conducted in-house vaccination for employee convenience and all our employees and their families are fully vaccinated.

Community Service

Apart from being responsible for our factory employees’ betterment, Falcon Tea Factory also engages in providing for the community we operate in. The following are a few examples of how we contribute to their livelihoods.

  • Providing educational scholarships to school children and university entrants. This includes all expenditure they incur during their stay in school and university.
  • Sponsoring local students to showcase their talents at overseas competitions.
  • Constructing health centers during natural disasters.
  • Constructing community centers.
  • Reconstructing and repairing infrastructure in our local community.
  • Providing computer facilities to less privileged students in the village.

Falcon Tea Factory has always operated business, ensuring the betterment of its employees and the local community, and we will continue to strive to make the lives of our stakeholders better.